Things to Do in Lyndon, IL

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Walk the Lyndon Bridge

Completed in1894, the Lyndon Bridge has had quite a history and is now designated a Historic Site.

Take a step back in time and reflect on the world we live in today.Lyndon Bridge Park

Make your way to the Lyndon Bridge View Map.  Some great views of the Rock River can be seen here in a quiet serene environment and it’s a perfect photo opportunity. In addition to the bridge, the park nearby has a shelter, lazy swing, bench, and grill for use.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • Stop at Gibson’s General Store located inside of the Conoco and grab an ice cream cone or another treat for your walk across the bridge.
  • View the Lyndon Bridge Timeline when you arrive.
  • Consider a Donation to help preserve the bridge.



Visit the Lyndon Area Historical Society

Learn about Lyndon’s early history, it’s early settlers, the shaping of the village or research genealogy records.

Lyndon’s History is preserved here and it’s tales are of ambitious men and women from the east who made their claim on the Rock River.Lyndon, IL Historical Society

The Lyndon Area Historical Society is made of of 100% volunteers and it’s operational costs come mainly from donations from current and past residents who once lived here.

Their location and operational hours are:

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • Ask questions, the staff here is very helpful and will answer any questions you might have about the old world and history of the area.  They work closely with other area historical society’s if you are looking for genealogy records as well.
  • You’ll find some very interesting artifacts and tales of the beginnings of Lyndon, IL and their way of life on the frontier.
  • While you are in town, visit the Lyndon Bridge and the Lyndon Veterans Memorial.
  • Grab a bite to eat on your way out of town.  Bears and Bushy’s bar and grills are good options.

Visit the Lyndon Veterans Memorial

Honor our local veterans past and present.

The Lyndon Veterans Memorial was a grassroots effort to construct and is a beautiful site.

Visit the Lyndon Veteran's Memorial

The Lyndon Veterans Memorial is located at the Village Hall grounds and is beautifully landscaped.  Area veterans are added to the marble each year if they served in times of war or peace.

Lyndon Local Tips:


Grab a Bite to Eat

We are a small town, but we have a few great spots.

Have your fill of a good time or some great eats.

Food in Lyndon, IL

Our little town of 650 people has a few places to eat and drink.  Support our local businesses when you are in town.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • Bushy’s Bar and Grill has a full pub style menu and their pizza is delicious.  Cold beer on tap and kids specials.
  • Bears Showtown USA has a pool table, drink and food specials, and good time crowd if you are in the mood to let loose.
  • Gibson’s General Store is connected to the Conoco Gas Station and has fresh made pizza, chicken, home-style meal platters and more.
  • All locations have gaming slots.

Lazy Float Down the Rock River

When river levels are low, it’s time to float! Grab your inner tubes and float down the river to Prophetstown State Park.

Soak in the sun, grab the cooler, and enjoy some amazing Sauk Valley views.

lazy float the rock river, Lyndon IL

Before considering a lazy float you should be sure that water levels low around 3-6 feet at the Como water levels reading. If it looks dangerous it probably is so be responsible and try another day.

Lyndon to Prophetstown Lazy Float (1.5 to 2.5 hours)

See the full trip on a map.

You need a couple of vehicles for your put-in and take-out points. First park your vehicle(s) in the parking lot at Prophetstown State Park.  Next, go to the Lyndon Bridge, walk your rafts over the bridge and to the other side where you go under the bridge and put in on the river bank.  Float to Prophetstown State Park, get out, and and come back to Lyndon to pick up your other vehicle.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • First and foremost, always be responsible and aware of your surroundings. Leave the river the way you found it.
  • Best times of year to float are in July and August when there is little rain.
  • Wear a life jacket, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and use heavy duty rafts or inner-tubes.
  • Watch for wildlife.  Eagles, blue heron, Canada geese, owls, beaver, deer and more can be seen along the way!
  • Grab a cold refreshing drink and grab a bite to eat at Bears or Bushy’s bar and grills when you are done.

Go Fishing

Some of the best fishing on the Rock River is in the sections near Lyndon, IL.

In addition to some huge catfish, the Rock River is home to small mouth bass, walleye, sauger, drum, and the rock river

Although we cannot divulge in conversation about every fishing hole in our area, what we can tell you is that there is some great fishing on the Rock River. The Lyndon area below the Dixon, Rock Falls, and Sterling dams is known for some big catfish, small mouth, sauger and walleye at times, among many other fresh water fish.

Although, the Lyndon Boat Ramp is being considered for re-construction, there are a couple of other places to put your boat in.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • The Rock River in these sections require skill to read the river currents so your boat motor does not scrape against the river bottom.  Flat bottom boats are preferred around here, but when river levels are higher, bigger boats are seen. You can check Rock River levels at Como before your trip. Be sure you avoid flood levels on the river as it can get dangerous.
  • Live Bait can be purchased at the Gibsons Conoco in Lyndon or at most gas stations in the area.
  • Stop in Lyndon after your trip and enjoy a great meal or beverage at Bears or Bushy’s bar and grills.

Bicycle the Country Roads

See the countryside on a bike ride through the corn and soybean fields.

Get off the beaten path and enjoy the scenery.

Bike the country roads in Lyndon, IL

Lyndon, IL is a part of the Rock River Trail Initiative as the village runs adjacent to the Rock River.  The easiest way to access the other bicycle trails from Lyndon is to start at the Lyndon Bridge. This trip will give you some great country road views through the corn and soybean fields.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • Park at the Lyndon Bridge or along the bicycle trail to begin depending on whether you want to end your trip in Lyndon or begin it.
  • Bring plenty of water as this trip is rural, and be respectful of landowners along your way.
  • Stop at one of our bar and grills for lunch or a cold beverage after your trip.  See Bears or Bushy’s bar and grills.
  • Consider a donation to the Lyndon Bridge to keep it preserved for other riders.

Kayak or Canoe the Rock River

Lyndon is part of the Rock River Trail Initiative and we’ve got some routes for you.

Enjoy the wildlife as you paddle down the Rock River.

kayaking the rock river

The Rock River below the Sterling and Rock Falls dams is a great place to paddle.  You will see a lot of wildlife and little boat traffic. We’ve included a link to the Rock River Trail Initiative to get you started on where to put in and put out.

Lyndon Local Tips:

  • Bring water, life jacket, and a snack along your way.
  • Look out for fallen trees in the river as they can be dangerous no matter what time of year.
  • Wildlife can be seen everywhere along our section of the river.  If you like to bird watch, bring binoculars.  Eagles, blue heron, Canada geese, owls, pelicans, beaver, deer, and more are often encountered.
  • Leave the river the way you found it and be responsible.
  • Visit our local pub and restaurants after your trip.  Bears and Bushy’s bar and grills are great places to end your trip and have a few memories.