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Wise Words from Our Past

A wise Lyndonite  once wrote:

…What Lyndon is now, and what it yet will be, is what the people living here make it. It is a small town with many advantages, coupled with disadvantages.  As those of us who live here continue to want the best for our village, and as we continue to work for that, we will still be a good small town in which to live, raise our families or retire to contemplate the beauty that is part of it. – D. Gene Harrington

Wise words indeed. We all have our reasons for living or moving to the Village of Lyndon.  Some grew up here,  some work here, and still others have migrated from bigger towns.  The one thing we can all agree on is, that the air is fresher, the skies clearer, and the stars brighter in Lyndon. This does not go without some responsibility as D. Gene Harrington suggests above.