Winning Wheels

Winning Wheels provides comprehensive rehabilitative services to young adults who have neurological impairment specializing in speech, physical and occupational therapy. Treating individuals living with brain injury and/or spinal cord injury is their specialty. Winning Wheels’ Rehabilitation Program focuses on maximizing participant’s potential to return to a maximum level of functioning.

Winning Wheels is a non-profit organization located in Lyndon and Prophetstown, Illinois. The Lyndon Progress Center is a non-residential facility offering various services to the residents of both S.T.R.I.V.E. and Winning Wheels, as well as to citizens of the surrounding area.

Employee Training Programs

The Lyndon Progress Center is also the site for various continuing education seminars, including Advanced Nurse Aide Training, Resident Care Attendant Training and Habilitation Aide Training Programs for caregivers.  Training programs are approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health and are conducted by certified instructors.


Contact Information

Phone: (815) 778-3610
Email: N/A
Location: 501 6th Avenue WestLyndonIL 61261
Hours: Always Open

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