Welcome to Lyndon, IL

Nestled conveniently 3 miles off of I88 in Whiteside County,  The Village of Lyndon, IL is approximately 35 minutes from the Quad Cities to the west and 2 hours from Chicago to the east. The Rock River runs adjacent to the entire village on its way west towards the Mississippi River in Moline, IL. Lyndon is a river town with a rich and quite interesting history.

First Settlers Arrive


Lyndon’s first settlers leave New York and arrive in the Rock River valley to make their claim.

Whiteside County Seat

2 Times

Lyndon held the County Seat twice before it was finalized and placed in Morrison, IL where it resides today.

Current Population


Lyndon’s population has fluctuated throughout the years and is up from the last recorded census.

Lyndon is known as the  “Crow Capital of the World” celebrated in the past with a Crow Festival. It is also home to a metal truss bridge which was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2003, known as the Lyndon Bridge. The Lyndon Bridge is and continues to be influential on Lyndon’s history and development as it once provided farmers easier access over the Rock River, but it now a recreational and historical destination.

the Lyndon Bridge

The Lyndon Bridge offers majestic views over the beautiful Rock River.

Because of the size of our village, we are closely tied to some of the services offered by bigger nearby towns in the Sauk Valley such as Prophetstown, Morrison, Sterling, and Rock Falls.  So, please feel free to explore our website where you might find something you didn’t already know, and if you are visiting, please stay and learn more about our town.

Lyndon is a quiet, safe and peaceful small town with a sense of community. A place where there’s no traffic and you can always find a parking space. It’s a place where you can see the stars at night and hear the wildlife – a place where the air is fresh and life is simpler. Welcome to Lyndon.

The Community of Lyndon, IL

We’ve consolidated all the information that we could to inform the current and prospective citizens of Lyndon about the town they live in, the services that are offered, and how to get involved to better where they live. If you want to learn about the history of this area, you should check out the Visitors page as it has some historical facts about how Lyndon was established.  The Lyndon Historical Society is also a great place to get started learning about this historic place.

Village of Lyndon, IL