G2 Ergonomics

Area locals innovate in Lyndon, sparking a new parts economy in the moto performance industry.

14 years ago, riding buddies Sam Wancket and Gary Gibbs were talking about the challenge of putting power to the ground. Both expert riders, they fully understood that cutting lap times is directly related to the amount of speed a rider can carry through the corners. The art of applying just enough throttle to carry maximum corner speed without losing traction is the single greatest asset a rider can posses

G2 Ergonomics in Lyndon, ILTheir brainstorming session quickly inspired a throttle system of changeable pulleys (which G2 was first to call “cams”) in stock, quick and progressive shapes. Later, they aggressively expanded their product line to Motorcycle Handguards, chains, sprockets, and more. Their products are almost always used by professional racers because of the quality and performance.  They have expanded their operation and can be seen at the edge of town.

The next time you see a pro motosport dirt bike rider or street bike racer, you can almost be sure they are using G2 throttles or other gear.

G2 Ergonomics in Lyndon, IL

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Phone: (815) 778-0468
Email: dirt.tech@g2ergo.com
Location: 1008 E. Commercial St., Lyndon, IL 61261

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FAQ's for Bridge Donations

How many planks are needed?

We are in constant need of bridge planks.  The weather deteriorates the wood rapidly.  In addition, many planks have not been replaced in a long time and are in need of repair.

When will my placard arrive for my Personalized Plank Donation?

If you purchased a Personalized Bridge Plank, the placard will arrive in 4-8 weeks and depending on volunteer and public work efforts, it may take longer to get the new bridge plank installed.  At any rate, you will be notified when your bridge plank and placard is all set!

Below is an example of what it might look like when it's attached to the bridge plank.

I donated to the Crowdfunded Planks.  How does this work?

Currently each bridge plank costs $200 (and rising).  Crowdfunding allows anyone who has a minimum of $15 to be a part of restoring the Lyndon Bridge.  For every $200 reached, a new bridge plank and placard will be generated.  You will see the placard on the bridge notated as "Crowdfunded."  In addition, any comments you put in during your donation will be displayed on our website for all to see.  This is a fun way to share your Lyndon Bridge experience with the world.  Then when you walk the bridge and see a crowdfunded plank, you will know this was one that you have helped to create!

Cash Donation. I don't want to use the website to make my donation.  Can I still pay cash?

Absolutely.  You can either stop into the Village Hall with your cash donation, or you can download this form, fill it out and either mail it or stop into the Village Hall to drop it off.

Is my donation secure?

Yes.  We use the PayPal credit card gateway to execute our transactions on this website.  In addition, the site is 256 bit encrypted so you can feel safe and secure with your donation.

Can I claim this donation on my taxes?

Yes, but we also recommend checking with your tax advisor.

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This Must Be the Place
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“Rocky” the Wolfdog
Walked this bridge every day.

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In memory of Irene Ahrens who traveled this bridge many times with her children.

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In loving memory of Roland and Verna Sawyer. - Curt & Michelle

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In Loving Memory of
Marvin D. Large
“PaPa 2”
July 18, 1936 - Feb. 3, 2019

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What a great place to visit, rich history