Unemployment Benefits Scam

Sharing a post from Around Ptown that was submitted by 1st Gateway Credit Union.

Imposters are filing claims for unemployment benefits. After the unemployment payments get sent to your account, the imposters may call, text, or email to try to get you to send some or all of the money to them. They pretend to be your state unemployment agency and say that the money was sent by mistake.

According to the FTC, this is a money mule scam and participating in one could cause you more difficulties.

If you receive money you were not expecting, do not spend or withdraw the money – contact your financial institution right away.  The state unemployment benefits agency that sent the money could come back to collect those funds and you could be required to repay the funds or you could face charges and penalties.

If someone is sending money to you to send to someone else, it is definitely a scam.

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