Arbor Day Celebration/Tree Planting

Our Arbor Day Celebration and Tree planting took place at Richmond Park on Thursday, April 25th.  The Prophetstown Elementary School 3rd graders, 2 teachers, the principal, 2 Representatives from ComEd (whom donated the trees and bushes for planting), Mayor Doug Dunlap, Superintendent of Public Works John Wright and his crew, Chief Mike Fisk, Deputy Clerk Alicia Wetzell, and Arlyn Madsen (who guided the children in the planting and explained a lot about planting trees). Thank you so much everyone for all the help and the children had a good time also and learned a lot. We will see what we can plan for the event next year and hope more people can come and join in!

I will try to post more pics on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Arbor Day 1 AArbor Day 1Arbor Day 2Arbor Day 3Arbor Day 4Arbor Day 5

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