Amended Ordinance Title 8, Chapter 8.30

This Amended Ordinance pertains to the violation of the Village Code for any person to allow on his or her property the existence of weeds, bushes, trees, or grass over eight inches in height where such allowance shall cause an unkempt, overgrown, uncultivated or unhealthy appearance or condition to exist on the property.

Section 1: That Title 8, Chapter 8.30, Section 8.30.020, as amended, is hereby further amended to read as follows:


When a violation of Section 1 of this ordinance is allowed to exist, the Chief of Police shall, by personal service or certified mail, serve notice of the violation to the person to whom was sent the general real estate tax bill for the last preceding year. Notice of the violation shall be in writing and reasonably descriptive of the violation.  The owner or occupant shall have forty-eight (48) hours from the date and hour of personal service or receipt to abate the violation.

Copies of this ordinance are available at Village Hall during normal office hours if you would like a copy.



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