Trash Receptacles

Please do not put trash out in anything other than a trash container that is 32 gallons or less.

Even if there are handles, these bigger containers are extremely heavy when full and after lifting a couple of hundred cans and bags, the risk of injury to our workers is much greater.

If there are any questions at all on what is acceptable and what is not, please give Shelly a call at the Village Hall. 815/778-4484.

Thanks for helping us out!

Recycle Bins

If you need a new recycle bin please give us a call at the Village Hall at 778-4484 and we will get one to you. The new recycle bins are available for $40.00. You may pay the full amount in person at the Village or it may be put on your water bill.  But remember the recycle bins are for recycling ONLY NO TRASH!!   Thank you!